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Suhail's speaking topics and expertise.

"Suhail Al Gosaibi is one of the best trainers we have worked with. He has a "No-Nonsense" approach to supporting startups and provides them with the exact information they need to succeed in their businesses. We have worked with him a number times where he ran workshops and training sessions […] and also reached out to him when we needed support internally. Suhail is an excellent speaker and communicator. His insights into marketing and managing a business come from experience and not something you can find easily in business books. He loves what he does and it shows. I highly recommend Suhail and look forward to working with him further in the future"

- Yasmeen Hassan, Bedaya Centre, Doha.


  • How to develop an entrepreneurial mind-set

  • The importance of the business model

  • The Minimum Viable Product (MVP) explained

  • When and how to pivot the business

  • How systems can set you free

  • The importance of hiring the right people

  • How to have long term success as an entrepreneur


  • Effective leadership defined and explained

  • The most effective way to make your followers want to do something

  • The single most powerful trait that every leader should posses

  • The importance of purpose and values

  • Examples from mother Teresa, Mohammed Ali and Bill Clinton

  • How discipline plays a vital role in effective leadership


  • Myth vs. reality when it comes to innovation

  • Innovation success and failure stories from history

  • Suhail Algosaibi’s five golden rules of innovation

  • The innovators mind-set explained

  • How to allocate resources for innovation

  • The importance of the appropriate corporate culture when it comes to innovation.

  • How not to be disrupted out of existence

Dialogue, Peace-building and reconciliation

  • Suhail shares his experience and lessons learnt from being a “reconciliation activist”

  • Powerful lessons learnt from trips to Northern Ireland, South Africa and Lebanon

  • The four basic human needs explained, and how they relate to conflict and reconciliation

  • The three ingredients needed for post conflict reconciliation

  • How to develop long-term peace

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